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365 Daily Mindful Questions – Ask one each morning

What exactly is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention in the present moment and being aware of one’s own thoughts and feelings. It’s been shown to have a significant impact on our happiness, blood pressure, and stress levels. In fact, mindfulness has been recommended in recent years as an essential life skill by leading organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Below, I’ve created a list of 365 Mindfulness Questions to ask yourself each morning.

Here’s an example of NOT being Mindful (being present in the moment): I was distracted this morning. Forgot my wallet on the way to the office. There were too many things in my head. I was constantly thinking about what I should do next, or how to solve a problem I was facing. I ate breakfast while glancing at my phone – and the TV was on in the background. It was probably mentally exhausting and I didn’t even realize it.

The practice of mindfulness is an important part of your mental health.

Mindfulness is a meditation practice and so important for every day living because it helps you to be present in the moment, it stops you and makes you think of what you’re doing on a daily basis.

How does mindfulness benefit the human body?

The benefits of mindfulness are plenty. It helps by lowering your heart rate, it’s excellent for your emotional health and helps you live your best life by seeing the bigger picture.

I’ve been noticing lately how often my mind wanders. And so, for the past two months, I have been writing down 10 daily mindfulness questions that I should ask myself every morning.

I have to say, it’s been a great way for me to identify what’s been distracting me in my daily life. Writing these mindful questions down has helped me concentrate on having a good time, and forced me away from negative emotions and various things that are taking up too much of my time. Nowadays, these questions don’t even need answers; they just need to help me think about what the day will bring.

What are the top 10 Mindfulness questions I should say to myself every morning?

Mindfulness is a practice in which one intentionally observes their thoughts, feelings and behaviors, without judgment. This helps to reduce stress and panic attacks by bringing the mind back to the present moment.

There are many ways in which you can use mindfulness, but the purpose of this exercise is to get yourself into a routine of thinking about your daily lives and results. Some of us may have a high-stress life that involves deadlines, work, family and social obligations. A daily routine is essential to balance all these elements.

Here are 10 questions you should ask yourself every morning as a starting point for your day.

The following questions will help you keep track of your progress as well as keep yourself on task throughout each day.

What do I want? (I want happiness.)

What do I need? (I need success.)

What do I feel? (I feel tired.)

What do I enjoy? (I enjoy being with my kids.)

What do I need? (I need to be happy…)

And specifically, focus on these questions each morning:

What is my biggest problem today?

What would make me happy by the end of the day?

How could I make my life just a little bit better?

How can I change my life for the better?

How can I create a new habit that will last forever?

Taking a little time each day to focus on your breath and your thoughts will have positive benefits and can help you to live a happier, more productive life.

If you’re not sure how to get started, try using one of the questions from the list below to get you started.

I’ve created a list of 365 Mindfulness Questions to ask yourself each morning. Check the date and simply write down, or ask that particular question to yourself … and answer it!

Make this list a part of your daily routine.

Remember, practice makes perfect!


January 1st
What positive changes do I need to make in my daily life?

January 2nd
What is my definition of happiness?

January 3rd
What thoughts and emotions come to the surface most often?

January 4th
Am I waking up in the morning ready to take on the day?

January 5th
Which Are The Two Most Noticeable Emotions I Feel Right Now?

January 6th
How would I describe my “happy place”? Can I see it now?

January 7th
What’s one item you’ll cross off your bucket list this year?

January 8th
What good can I put into the world today?

January 9th
Why do I matter?

January 10th
What are my personal growth opportunities for the next year?

January 11th
What are you the most proud of this year?

January 12th
Which dream would I invest in first if I won the lottery today?

January 13th
What is my superpower?

January 14th
What will I daydream about today?

January 15th
What are the best ways to Come Closer To My Big Goal?

January 16th
Do I See Myself As A Productive Person?

January 17th
What is the best thing that happened today?

January 18th
What are my mental and physical health priorities in the next year?

January 19th
What am I often aware of during mindfulness meditation?

January 20th
What am I most likely wrong about?

January 21st
Do I Have Good Morning And Evening Routines?

January 22nd
What am I never willing to do again?

January 23rd
Which scent do I find the most soothing today?

January 24th
How Will I Move My Body Today?

January 25th
How honest am I with myself right now?

January 26th
How will you improve your environment today?

January 27th
What challenges will I need to face today?

January 28th
What or who do I really need to let go of that I haven’t yet?

January 29th
What challenges did I overcome today?

January 30th
What’s the one thing about myself I would like to work to improve?

January 31st
Am I Satisfied With My Life Right Now? Why Not?


February 1st
What Do I Want?

February 2nd
Am I holding on to something I need to let go of?

February 3rd
If not now, then when?

February 4th
How can I live in alignment with my values and beliefs in life today?

February 5th
What am I doing about the things that matter most in my life?

February 6th
What should I delegate today?

February 7th
Have I done anything lately that’s worth remembering?

February 8th
Have I made someone smile today?

February 9th
What have I given up on?

February 10th
How am I moving things forward today?

February 11th
If I had to instill one piece of advice in a newborn baby, what advice would I give?

February 12th
What small act of kindness was I once shown that I will never forget?

February 13th
What is the most important thing for me to do today?

February 14th
What can I do today to fulfill my human needs?

February 15th
What can I do to make myself feel proud today?

February 16th
How many of my friends would I trust with my life?

February 17th
Why do I go to work every day?

February 18th
Would I break the law to save a loved one?

February 19th
Would I steal to feed a starving child?

February 20th
What is my fear really telling me?

February 21st
If I could retire early, how would I spend my time?

February 22nd
What is the worst possible thing that can happen today?

February 23rd
Will I use my time wisely?

February 24th
How do I want to be loved?

February 25th
What do I love about today so far, and what difference does it make?

February 26th
Do I know what I am thinking is true?

February 27th
What matters most to me today, and why does it matter so much?

February 28th
What did I love to do when I was a child?

February 29th
Could I be perfectly content living as a single, unattached person?


March 1st
What Is My Current Motto?

March 2nd
Am I taking anything for granted?

March 3rd
Am I in my body?

March 4th
What would I love to learn?

March 5th
What matters to my customer?

March 6th
Am I thinking negative thoughts before I fall asleep?

March 7th
Who is in my community?

March 8th
How long will it take before I notice a difference?

March 9th
Am I letting matters that are out of my control stress me out?

March 10th
What isn’t working?

March 11th
How can I encourage myself when I try something new?

March 12th
What makes me feel in control?

March 13th
Am I putting enough effort into my relationships?

March 14th
What questions do I have about myself that I haven’t answered yet?

March 15th
How can I power through a task that I don’t want to do today?

March 16th
How can I squeeze some exercise into today’s schedule?

March 17th
What new skills will I learn today?

March 18th
How can I take a step toward personal growth today?

March 19th
One goal I want to accomplish today is __.

March 20th
What were some of the most interesting discoveries I made in this week?

March 21st
What can I do to put myself first today without feeling guilty?

March 22nd
Am I achieving the goals that I’ve set for myself?

March 23rd
What were some of my most important learning moments and what made them so?”

March 24th
What is one step I can take today toward my dreams?

March 25th
What am I holding onto right now that is holding me back?

March 26th
Recall a time you had difficulty learning something. How did that experience affect you?

March 27th
What have I done lately to push myself and step outside my comfort zone?

March 28th
How will I practice self-love today?

March 29th
What is one change I need to make in my life this year and why?

March 30th
What am I willing to risk to become the person I want to be?

March 31st
What am I willing to do today that scares me? Why does it scare me?


April 1st
What Am I Grateful For?

April 2nd
What’s the most important thing I’ve learned about myself recently

April 3rd
How are you feeling right now?

April 4th
How can I love my spouse or loved one more today?

April 5th
How can I express my gratitude today?

April 6th
Am I experiencing happiness from within?

April 7th
Am I fighting life or inviting life?

April 8th
What can I do to step outside of my comfort zone?

April 9th
Is the stress in my life accumulating from a lack of play?

April 10th
How can I love my spouse more today?

April 11th
In what ways am I avoiding my truth?

April 12th
How could my current job be changed so it matches what I really want in my career?

April 13th
How can I set boundaries and avoid absorbing someone else’s energy?

April 14th
When was the last time I felt truly joyful?

April 15th
What is beautiful to me and do I have some of that in my life right now?

April 16th
How do I remind myself that I am enough?

April 17th
What are my professional strengths?

April 18th
What do I want my legacy to be?

April 19th
What practice consistently brings me home to myself?

April 20th
In what ways can I practice joy (and not envy) for others when they accomplish something great?

April 21st
Is there something I did or a quality I have that I can acknowledge and appreciate?

April 22nd
How can I celebrate myself today?

April 23rd
What is the most loving and supportive thing I can do for myself today?

April 24th
How can I trust myself to make a big decision?

April 25th
Is there a boundary I can communicate as a way to respect my own needs?

April 26th
What can I do when I am showing signs of burnout?

April 27th
When I listen to my body, what does it need? A deep breath? Movement? Nourishment? Rest?

April 28th
How can I recognize the signs of burnout?

April 29th
Can I do this on my own? If not, who can I reach out to for connection and/or to ask for help?

April 30th
What helps me slow down and feel more present?


May 1st
Name 5 things I can say to myself at the end of each day to improve my mood.

May 2nd
How can I practice self-acceptance today?

May 3rd
What qualities of my job can help me balance my work with my life?

May 4th
In what way can I proactively forgive myself today when I make a mistake?

May 5th
Is my digital workspace setting me up for success?

May 6th
How can I make intentional time for myself?

May 7th
How can I set a healthy boundary today?

May 8th
Am I living true to myself?

May 9th
What does it feel like in my body when I’m feeling anxious?

May 10th
How do I know the workday is over?

May 11th
What are three directions my career could go in five years?

May 12th
Do I have time for self-reflection during the week?

May 13th
What makes me happy?

May 14th
Am I surrounding myself with positive people?

May 15th
How much time do I dedicate to deep work during a typical day?

May 16th
How can I have fun today?

May 17th
How am I making a difference in this world?

May 18th
Where am I now in comparison to where I want to be?

May 19th
What do I do in everyday life that I can bring to this work?

May 20th
How can I set a healthy boundary today?

May 21st
In what ways can I be intentional about my time with others?

May 22nd
Is it more important to love or be loved?

May 23rd
How do I shift my mindset if it isn’t working for me?

May 24th
How do I recharge?

May 25th
What matters most in my life?

May 26th
In what way can I show myself kindness today?

May 27th
How Can I Be More Positive?

May 28th
Have I planned for my own death, and my survivors?

May 29th
How can I speak with more love today?

May 30th
How can I show my love for those in my life?

May 31st
What big changes do I want to make in my life?


June 1st
What sounds help me feel more relaxed and more present

June 2nd
What am I excited about, and enjoying most in my life right now?

June 3rd
Can I ask a better question?

June 4th
What can I create?

June 5th
What is important for me to continue surrendering?

June 6th
What should I do today for my career growth?

June 7th
What sounds help me feel more relaxed and more present?

June 8th
What is the best time to work on my top goals today?

June 9th
What small shift can I make regarding giving myself more permission to follow my heart?

June 10th
How can I honor my finances and basic needs?

June 11th
Who has had the greatest impact on my life?

June 12th
How many breaks do I take during a typical day?

June 13th
When does time disappear for me? What does this tell me about my passions and values?

June 14th
How am I feeling about this day ahead?

June 15th
How am I lining up my actions with my values?

June 16th
How can I advocate for myself today?

June 17th
How can I be a better self-advocate?

June 18th
What is it the most important (not urgent) that I do?

June 19th
How often do I make excuses about things?

June 20th
How will I care for my body?

June 21st
What can I do today that will cause someone to say: “You have made my day!”

June 22nd
What can I accept that I can’t change?

June 23rd
When did I last push the boundaries of my comfort zone?

June 24th
What gives me energy?

June 25th
What makes me feel alive?

June 26th
What are my core values?

June 27th
How does anger present in my body?

June 28th
What is the fear beneath one of my surface fears?

June 29th
What choice or decision feels most authentic to me right now?

June 30th
At the end of my life, what will I hope to have experienced?


July 1st
Are there any repetitive thoughts that I’ve been attached to that are no longer serving me?

July 2nd
How do I cultivate my curiosity?

July 3rd
What can I forgive myself for? and offer forgiveness to?

July 4th
What makes me feel alive?

July 5th
What can I do to feel sassy, sexy, and powerful today?

July 6th
Do I have space for self-reflection during the week?

July 7th
When is the last time I have moved my body with intention? (Gone for a walk, danced, run etc.)

July 8th
What do you want from your day today, really want?

July 9th
Have I taken a moment to come home to my breath today?

July 10th
How can I practice mindful eating today?

July 11th
What do I want to be remembered for today?

July 12th
What have I agreed to do, that I do not want to do?

July 13th
Who do I need to be being for this day to work?

July 14th
How does happiness present in my body?

July 15th
What or who could I pay more close attention to in life?

July 16th
What is one thing I could start doing today to improve the quality of my life?

July 17th
What new habits will I start?

July 18th
Have I been holding myself back? How can I change that?

July 19th
If my life was a movie, what would the title be?

July 20th
Do I find myself feeling lonely at times? What’s making me feel this way?

July 21st
Do I quickly get defensive?

July 22nd
How often did I make excuses yesterday? About what in particular?

July 23rd
What is my biggest fear?

July 24th
What are my self-care needs today?

July 25th
Am I taking care of myself physically?

July 26th
What value do I bring to the world?

July 27th
Who is my real-life hero, and why?

July 28th
What part of my body do I consider attractive?

July 29th
If I could redo yesterday, what would I do differently?

July 30th
How many kinds of love have I given?

July 31st
What things would I do if I loved myself unconditionally?


August 1st
What does unconditional love look like for you?

August 2nd
What Do I Expect From This Week?

August 3rd
How many kinds of love have I received?

August 4th
Name what is enough for you.

August 5th
If my body could talk, it would say . . .

August 6th
Where am I when it comes to being calm in challenging situations?

August 7th
What do you love about life?

August 8th
What always brings tears to my eyes?

August 9th
What makes me happy and relaxed?

August 10th
Do I have unfinished business with someone?

August 11th
Use 10 words to describe myself.

August 12th
What’s surprised you the most about your life or life in general?

August 13th
What can you learn from your biggest mistakes?

August 14th
What good things me feel motivated, inspired, and excited?

August 15th
Who loves me?

August 16th
What’s the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever done for someone?

August 17th
Are the obstacles in my path real or did I make them up?

August 18th
How do I feel about my last mistake, and what did I learn from it?

August 19th
Write about your first love—whether it’s a person, place or thing.

August 20th
What does the perfect day look like?

August 21st
What is something I really like?

August 22nd
What are the things that get in the way of my happiness?

August 23rd
What’s my favorite thing about myself?

August 24th
If I had to spend a million dollars in three days, how would I spend it?

August 25th
How would I describe my “perfect life”?

August 26th
How does anxiety present in my body?

August 27th
Who is your favorite superhero, and why?

August 28th
What small steps can I take to show that I am serious about loving myself?

August 29th
What movie influenced me the most?

August 30th
What regret do I have that I wish you can change?

August 31st
How would I rank the following in importance: family, career, love life, spiritual life?


September 1st
What’s a new skill I’ve learned recently, either personally or professionally?

September 2nd
What has allowed me to accomplish as much as I have in life?

September 3rd
What would scare me slightly, that I could do today?

September 4th
What is something you’d love to learn?

September 5th
If money was no object, what would you do all day?

September 6th
When was the last time you did something for the first time?

September 7th
What can I do today that will be a unique expression of me?

September 8th
Who do I want to get closer to? How will I pursue this relationship?

September 9th
Are there times when I feel like giving up? What leads me to that state?

September 10th
What do I have planned this weekend?

September 11th
Seek and I shall find Today.

September 12th
Who have I been friends with the longest, and how did I meet?

September 13th
Am I doing what I love and getting better at it?

September 14th
Am I having fun?

September 15th
How would I describe myself today in three words

September 16th
How Can I Be More Positive?

September 17th
What can I teach somebody today?

September 18th
When do I feel most alive or most like myself? What lights me up inside?

September 19th
Am I doing my best to empower my team?

September 20th
What do I want to have experienced before I die?

September 21st
How am I feeling right now?

September 22nd
What do I find hardest to accept about myself?

September 23rd
What three adjectives would I use to describe myself?

September 24th
When am I most likely to feel attacked or triggered in conversations with others?

September 25th
Where is my attention going right now?

September 26th
What Is The Best Thing That Happened Last Week?

September 27th
Who do I love?

September 28th
What habits did I learn that I want to keep doing?

September 29th
What Do I Love And Appreciate About Myself this morning?

September 30th
In what ways can I show up better for myself since yesterday?


October 1st
What Do I Expect From This Week?

October 2nd
What life-changing event have I experienced?

October 3rd
Are There Any Distractions That Stand In The Way Of My Growth?

October 4th
What am I excited about in my life now?

October 5th
Which Are The Two Most Noticeable Emotions I Feel Right Now?

October 6th
How can I be more mindful of my self-talk?

October 7th
Is There A Habit That I Need To Work On?

October 8th
Can I Manifest Love or a Friendship With A Specific Person?

October 9th
What Is The Best Thing That Happened Last Week?

October 10th
What Am I Grateful For?

October 11th
Do I Have A Good Working Environment? If Not, How Can I Improve It?

October 12th
What’s the most difficult thing I have been through, and why did it feel that way?

October 13th
When have I expressed my thoughts in a way that offended someone else?

October 14th
Do I See Myself As A Productive Person?

October 15th
What do I believe I deserve? And why do I believe that?

October 16th
Do I Have A Good Working Environment? If Not, How Can I Improve It?

October 17th
What do I believe I owe other people? And why do I believe that?

October 18th
What Is My Current Motto?

October 19th
What guilt or shame am I holding onto that has made it difficult to heal and move on?

October 20th
Do I Have Good Morning And Evening Routines?

October 21st
What mistakes have I made that have taught me something I needed to learn?

October 22nd
How Can I Make This Week Productive?

October 23rd
What personal needs have I been putting on the back burner lately?

October 24th
What do I need to forgive myself for?

October 25th
What adventure would completely excite me right now?

October 26th
How do I cheer myself up today?

October 27th
What’s my stress level like lately?

October 28th
Do I think it’s possible to know the future?

October 29th
On a scale of 1-10, how happy am I with my life right now?

October 30th
How do I handle anger and frustration?

October 31st
In what ways can I notice beauty?


November 1st
What helps me focus?

November 2nd
How can I learn from my mistake yesterday?

November 3rd
What helps me release tension and let go of distracting thoughts?

November 4th
Which Are The Two Most Noticeable Emotions I Feel Right Now?

November 5th
Do I believe in fate?

November 6th
What Is The Best Thing That Happened Last Week?

November 7th
What has caused me joy this week?

November 8th
What am I happy about in my life now?

November 9th
What do I want to accomplish today?

November 10th
Do I find it difficult to admit when i’m wrong?

November 11th
What am I proud about in my life now?

November 12th
What does my ideal day look like?

November 13th
When I was a kid, what did I want to be when I grew up?

November 14th
Am I doing what I truly want to do?

November 15th
What are my five-year goals?

November 16th
How happy am I right now? And what would make me happier?

November 17th
When I’m telling my grandkids about my life, what do I want to tell them about?

November 18th
What’s the biggest thing holding me back from my goals?

November 19th
What do I admire most about myself?

November 20th
Are There Any Distractions That Stand In The Way Of My Growth?

November 21st
What is a big goal that I would like to achieve today?

November 22nd
What am I enjoying in my life right now?

November 23rd
Who are my top go-to friends or family members?

November 24th
I really wish others knew this about me . . .

November 25th
What’s working for me at this moment with my current habit?

November 26th
What types of topics do I tend to avoid?

November 27th
What did I not do?

November 28th
Do I desire to be in a position of power?

November 29th
Name a compassionate way you’ve supported a friend recently. Then, write down how you can
do the same for yourself.

November 30th
If I could swap places with someone else today day, who would it be? And how can I actually do that?


December 1st
How have my priorities changed in the past year, and why?

December 2nd
Is this the best use of my time?

December 3rd
What do I need right now, more than anything else?

December 4th
Which Are The Two Most Noticeable Emotions I Feel Right Now?

December 5th
What Is The Worst Thing That Happened Last Week? How Did I React?

December 6th
Which Are The Two Most Noticeable Emotions I Feel Right Now?

December 7th
What matters the most to me today?

December 8th
What is my biggest challenge at the moment?

December 9th
What did I let go of that I really needed to?

December 10th
What am I grateful for in my life now?

December 11th
Make a list of everything you’d like to say no to

December 12th
Write the words you need to hear.

December 13th
Make a list of everything you’d like to say yes to.

December 14th
If something isn’t working, what adjustments can I make today?

December 15th
Do I like who I have become?

December 16th
What’s not working at this moment with my habit?

December 17th
What are your core strengths?

December 18th
What are two things I need to improve and work on?

December 19th
Which three words describe me best?

December 20th
What’s my “why”?

December 21st
How has my self-perception changed over this year?

December 22nd
What is my definition of success?

December 23rd
What are two things that worry me, and what do I do to let go of them?

December 24th
What am I committed to in my life right now?

December 25th
What brought me the most happiness this year?

December 26th
What are my gifts?

December 27th
Do I resist change?

December 28th
What is the most important lesson I learned this year?

December 29th
What’s a habit I picked up that I need to drop?

December 30th
What have I done this past year that I am especially proud of?

December 31st
What would I do differently if I were to live the same year again?

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Gemini is one of the most confusing of the zodiac signs to seduce. It's the sign of the twins. They can be fickle and hard to please, but once a Gemini woman is interested in you, she can be quite devoted. Here are a few ways to seduce a Gemini Woman

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Making Pisces men jealous is like flipping a light switch. It's easy to do, and it only takes a second, but the results can be pretty powerful.